CATWALK COW was created because of the responsibility we felt towards offering healthier dessert alternatives to today’s health-conscious consumers. This means no preservatives, additives, GMO’s or other junk! Instead we use wholesome, minimally refined, premium quality ingredients allowing us to deliver an unparalleled taste experience to our customers. But that’s not all – CATWALK COW is lower in fat and calories and uses ethically sourced ingredients too!

Our mixes are quick and easy to make with that ‘made from scratch’ taste and can be freshly baked at home whenever the urge for a delicious guilt-free treat arises. In the meantime if you want to tell everyone it’s a secret family recipe, be our guest!

100% Clean

Non-GMO ingredients, NO artificial additives, colourings or preservatives and definitely NO hydrogenated or trans-fats!

Premium Ingredients

We use premium dark cocoa, raw cane sugar and real Madagascar vanilla caviar!

Superior Taste

Because we start out with only premium unadulterated raw ingredients, this ensures a rich finished product full of flavour.