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Our Story

Catwalk Cow was created because of the responsibility we felt towards offering healthier dessert alternatives to today’s consumers.This means desserts that are free of preservatives, artificial fat and sugar substitutes, colorings and other additives. At Catwalk Cow we have spent endless hours of recipe development to be able to offer products that are all natural and additive free making them a great treat for both adults and kids instead of those store and bakery bought desserts. Unlike many store and bakery bought desserts, CATWALK COW mixes do not contain saturated fats and are trans fat free.

We have gone to great lengths to select the finest quality ingredients allowing us to deliver an unparalleled taste experience to our customers. Both our brownies and cupcakes can proudly stand up to taste tests against any other full fat versions. We use premium Belgian cocoa powder, unbleached flour, pure cane sugar and real vanilla pods to ensure a most flavorful finished product that can be freshly baked at home whenever the urge for a delicious treat arises. Healthy, low calorie, low fat, all natural treats?! What more could you ask for?!

At Catwalk cow we understand that you may not want to share the secret of this dessert goodness with undying fans you’ve graced withe a plateful of our rich and chewy brownies, or our light and fluffy cupcakes, and we understand. So if you want to tell everyone it’s a secret family recipe, be our guest!

In the meantime, be sure to savor without guilt, for dessert just became a shameless pleasure courtesy of Catwalk Cow!